Learning Objectives

In General Physics-II you will be exposed mostly to fundamentals of electricity and magnetism including alternating current, Maxwell’s equations, and electromagnetic waves. During the course you will be given frequent quizzes. After the first quiz or so I want you to overcome your anxiety to communicate me in person or electronically through email or social media, so that I may be able to know your background, strengths and weaknesses and help you overcoming your problems in the subject matters. I will assist you to understand the foundation concepts, developing problem solving skills, and letting you to know the required mathematical techniques. I also encourage you to work in groups and increase your interaction through group mail and other social media. My teaching objective is to make you to develop yourselves to build a capacity for self-motivation, self-monitoring, and self generation of creative ideas and thoughts in the subject matters. I am very much sensitive to individual differences and to make sure that you understand your expectations and goals and the steps you need to take to meet those objectives.